Martial Arts Classes near Caterham for Children & Adults, Wing Chun Kung-fu Caterham

Martial Arts near Caterham

Kung-fu Schools, Caterham is one of the leading martial arts schools within commuting distance from Caterham, offering a complete self-defence system to both adults and children. We teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, a traditional Chinese martial art that traces its roots hundreds of years back to the Shaolin Temple, and whose most famous student is the legendary Bruce Lee.

Adult Classes near Caterham

Our Adults classes are tailored for anyone aged 13 and above, with a comprehensive curriculum and a fully structured grading system. Classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a healthy mix of students of all ages, male and female, from different walks of life.

Kung-fu near Caterham

“Dear Instructors,

I am writing this because I am very proud of my son. I have recently been affected by an illness which has caused me to become a lot less mobile and unable to do many of the things that my son and I often do together. instead of complaining as many children of his age might, he has shown compassion and understanding, even offering to give up his interests to stay and look after me. He is very dedicated to his kung fu and has the greatest respect for all his tutors and their teachings. I feel that through his actions over the last few weeks he has shown not only love for his family but equally respect and understanding for what you are teaching.”

Parent of Student, Caterham

Kids' Classes in Caterham

Would you like your child to:

  • Develop self-discipline?
  • Mature into a well-rounded, responsible individual?
  • Adopt a more positive attitude?
  • Concentrate better at school?
  • Learn how to stand up to bullies?
  • Gain more confidence?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then Kung-fu Schools, Caterham can help!

All martial arts schools in Caterham can teach your child how to kick and punch, but our main focus is on the inner teachings of kung fu: the development of sound mind, body and spirit. Our classes provide so much more than just the skills required to cope with physical threats. We believe that the biggest challenge facing a child is not an external threat, like the local bully, but internal. Very often, a child’s own self-doubt, fear and lack of confidence could prevent him or her from achieving their full potential.


Why not see for yourself why we are one of the most popular martial arts schools near Caterham? Contact us now to book your free trial lessons! Come and have a go to experience our friendly and relaxed atmosphere first hand! You'll be learning Wing Chun, Self-defence and having fun, all at the same time! Spaces in Caterham are limited, so contact us now to avoid disappointment!

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