Martial Arts Classes near Coulsdon for Children & Adults, Wing Chun Kung-fu Coulsdon

Martial Arts near Coulsdon

Kung-fu Schools, Coulsdon is one of the leading martial arts schools within commuting distance from Coulsdon, offering a complete self-defence system to both adults and children. We teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, a traditional Chinese martial art that traces its roots hundreds of years back to the Shaolin Temple, and whose most famous student is the legendary Bruce Lee.

Friendly & Approachable

Imagine this: it is your first day at a Coulsdon martial arts school, you do not know what to expect, and you’ve just walked into the reception area. We understand how intimidating that could be. After all, we have all experienced it before, and we never forget that.

That is why our staff and students are all friendly and approachable, and we pride ourselves in our relaxed, upbeat classes near Coulsdon.

Kids' Classes in Coulsdon

Would you like your child to:

  • Gain more confidence?
  • Develop self-discipline?
  • Concentrate better at school?
  • Mature into a well-rounded, responsible individual?
  • Adopt a more positive attitude?
  • Learn how to stand up to bullies?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then Kung-fu Schools, Coulsdon can help!

Kung-fu near Coulsdon

“I began training in Wing Chun to improve my coordination, increase my fitness levels and to just try something different. In addition to these benefits I've become more assertive and better at handling confrontational situations.

I was not particularly fit and had no experience in Martial Arts but this was no barrier as the classes are friendly and the Instructors patient, recognizing that everybody learns at a different rate. Within a few months I noticed that my concentration and focus improved which had a positive effect outside of the Kung Fu class.”

Roger Norton, Coulsdon, 12th SG


Why not see for yourself why we are one of the most popular martial arts schools near Coulsdon? Contact us now to book your free trial lessons! Come and have a go to experience our friendly and relaxed atmosphere first hand! You'll be learning Wing Chun, Self-defence and having fun, all at the same time! Spaces in Coulsdon are limited, so contact us now to avoid disappointment!

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