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Martial Arts near Kenley

Kung-fu Schools, Kenley is one of the leading martial arts schools within commuting distance from Kenley, offering a complete self-defence system to both adults and children. We teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, a traditional Chinese martial art that traces its roots hundreds of years back to the Shaolin Temple, and whose most famous student is the legendary Bruce Lee.

“I first joined Kung Fu Schools in 2006. I found out about the school on my commute to and from work as the train passes the school.

I looked up the website and found it full of very useful information, then I decided to drive down to the school and have a look around. I wanted to get involved in martial arts to help boost my confidence, co-ordination, and my self-esteem as well as relaxation.

Sifu Alan Paterson (head instructor) greeted me warmly and friendly, the he gave me a tour of the school and found out what I was looking for in a martial arts programme!! He then booked me in for my 1st free class.

On my 1st free class I found the instructors and students all very friendly and inviting. I joined the school after my 4 free classes; now I am at my 12th student grade and currently working hard towards getting my 1st degree (black belt) and I am still enjoying my experience in learning new skills, co-ordination and new ways of thinking plus I have made lots of new friends.

I really enjoy my time here and cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who wishes to start a martial art to come to Kung Fu Schools and learn Wing Chun.”

Andrew, Kenley - Student

The School

At Kung-fu Schools, Kenley, we make it our mission to guide each and every one of our students towards their Black Belt (1st Degree) and beyond!

Kung-fu Schools, Kenley is a full-time school dedicated to providing the best martial arts and self-defence training available near Kenley. Located in a business park near Kenley in South Croydon with ample free parking spaces, our accessibility means that we have students coming from all over Kenley, south London and Surrey.

Friendly & Approachable

Imagine this: it is your first day at a Kenley martial arts school, you do not know what to expect, and you’ve just walked into the reception area. We understand how intimidating that could be. After all, we have all experienced it before, and we never forget that.

That is why our staff and students are all friendly and approachable, and we pride ourselves in our relaxed, upbeat classes near Kenley.

Adult Classes near Kenley

Our Adults classes are tailored for anyone aged 13 and above, with a comprehensive curriculum and a fully structured grading system. Classes are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a healthy mix of students of all ages, male and female, from different walks of life.

Kung-fu near Kenley

International Recognition

Kung-fu Schools, Kenley is the only martial arts organisation in the world outside of China to be recognised by the Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a “Confucius Classroom”, a centre that promotes wellbeing through the dissemination of traditional Chinese culture.

“Sifu Alan and team thank you for helping me stay calm at school


Mr Dickenson, Kenley - Parent of a Juniors Student


Why not see for yourself why we are one of the most popular martial arts schools near Kenley? Contact us now to book your free trial lessons! Come and have a go to experience our friendly and relaxed atmosphere first hand! You'll be learning Wing Chun, Self-defence and having fun, all at the same time! Spaces in Kenley are limited, so contact us now to avoid disappointment!

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