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Martial Arts near Waddon

Kung-fu Schools, Waddon is one of the leading martial arts schools within commuting distance from Waddon, offering a complete self-defence system to both adults and children. We teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, a traditional Chinese martial art that traces its roots hundreds of years back to the Shaolin Temple, and whose most famous student is the legendary Bruce Lee.

Advance At Your Own Pace

At Kung-fu Schools, Waddon, we understand that everybody comes to us with a different aim, be it for self-defence, fitness, or just picking up a new hobby. Likewise, we understand that everyone progresses at a different rate. After all, mastering a martial art in Waddon requires lifelong learning. By teaching according to an individual’s skill and knowledge, adapting approaches as necessary, we endeavour to get you to become the best you can be.

Whatever your personal goals, we aim to help you achieve it!

“Kung Fu Schools and Wing Chun have been fantastic for me. I am fulfilling a life-long dream to learn a martial art. It's challenging both physically and mentally. I have the pleasure of having friends in various different martial arts and/or security based jobs, and I've always found my Wing Chun to hold up very, very well in friendly sparring, even though I am not an advanced student. When I joined Kung Fu I could barely do sit-ups or push-ups and the teachers were very kind and allowed me to progress at my own rate without ever making me feel bad about it. Now I'm rather pleased with how much stronger and more flexible I am. The same is true when it comes to learning the techniques. They are patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. If you want to train hard and learn, they will be more than happy to teach you and to help you to understand. Wing Chun is a system rather than a style, which means we fight based on a number of rules and principles as opposed to impressions of animals. These rules and principles are incredibly simple and logical, but also very deep. It is a wonderful experience to learn a new principle, and grow from being completely useless at it, to mastering it and applying it without thought. I find that the rules, principles and fighting strategy of Wing Chun have also spilled over into my every day life. I am more motivated and focused than before I began training. I have recommended Wing Chun and Kung Fu Schools to my friends before, and will continue to do so.”

Paul Brown, Waddon

Kids' Classes in Waddon

Would you like your child to:

  • Gain more confidence?
  • Mature into a well-rounded, responsible individual?
  • Adopt a more positive attitude?
  • Learn how to stand up to bullies?
  • Concentrate better at school?
  • Develop self-discipline?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then Kung-fu Schools, Waddon can help!

Kung-fu near Waddon


Why not see for yourself why we are one of the most popular martial arts schools near Waddon? Contact us now to book your free trial lessons! Come and have a go to experience our friendly and relaxed atmosphere first hand! You'll be learning Wing Chun, Self-defence and having fun, all at the same time! Spaces in Waddon are limited, so contact us now to avoid disappointment!

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