Not only do we teach the ABC's of Self-Defence

at Kung Fu Schools we believe in teaching the ABC's of life:

Attitude, Behaviour and Charactor Building

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so important for a child to have. Growing up can be tough and doing so without a lot of confidence can be even tougher.

Confidence empowers us, it enables us to do and try so many things, including interacting with other people, self-belief and belief in achieving our goals, along with giving us the strength to stand up for not only ourselves but also for others.

At Kung Fu Schools Croydon we teach Wing Chun in a fun and safe environment. Our children's curriculum helps build self-esteem, goal setting which works extremely well for shy children building an all round individual in a Martial Arts ethos with perseverance, self-control, helping a child believe in themselves.

Before starting at Kung Fu Schools my son lacked confidence, was very shy and having problems at school. I have seen such a bit improvement since joining he is happier, more social and has had a big confidence boost, he looks forward to coming every week!
K. Rowe - Parent

Our children's programme is built on positivity and self-defence, we focus on self-defence and not a combative sport. The greatest competition in life is learning to defend yourself. For example being able to read whats going on and an escalating situation. Looking at peoples body languages (bullies), defusing a situation before you need to use any of your Martial arts skills.

You will see that the benefits of learning Wing Chun Kung Fu really do extend for beyond our Martial Arts school and into the classroom. Children will become proud of th
eir achievements, more aware of the responsibility for their actions and the positive effects will be seen in their academic achievements, homework and their all round behaviour.

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Our rewards system, which we run at Kung Fu Schools, enables the children to share their academic and physical achievements with us on a weekly basis but we also reward children for thinking and acting like a Black Belt at home.

Thinking and acting like a Black Belt is respect, courtesy and helpfulness to parents and siblings.

What we like at Kung Fu Schools is children to have fun, with discipline. When a child gets great enjoyment in what they do they don't realise learning can be so much fun!

Your child leaves each class with a positive attitude, an increase in confidence, greater focus and concentration, enhanced self-discipline and greater self esteem and knowledge to stand up to bullies.

Thank you for all the effects and results you have brought out in my child since he joined Kung Fu Schools. Your team has helped him develop his focus, discipline and general daily behaviour patterns. His school teachers have also fed back that he has stepped up his communication and interpersonal skills with pupils and teachers alike.
J. Dempsey - Parent

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