Adult Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Adult Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Kung Fu Schools

Would you like:

- Greater flexibility and strength
- Greater fitness
- To Learn to defend yourself
- To Increase your flexibility and strength
- Greater self-confidence

Let us show you how Kung Fu can do this and much, much more!! 

Kung Fu Schools Croydon is a full time martial arts school which offers you:

Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Adult Wing Chun- 3'500 square feet of training Space- Professional full time 
- Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced lessons
- Beginners have their own instructor
- More than one instructor on the floor
- Free parking
- Free uniform when you join plus special offers
- Wide variety classes
- Three training rooms
- Pro Shop
- Monthly Seminars
- Sparring
- Wide range of training equipment
- Private lessons available

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