The facts about bullying is that it is a never ending problem that is getting worse instead of better.

Bullies are opportunists it can happen anywhere, children and teens are victims of this cowardly behaviour. this can lead to emotional scarring, problems with self esteem.

There are several different types of bullying including cyber bullying, bullying in schools as well as other forms of harassing. Bullying can happen anywhere.

Verbal bullying - usually involving teasing and/or name calling

Social - intentionally leaving others out, spreading rumours, breaking up of friendships

Physical - hitting, punching, shoving other forms of intentional harm

Cyberbullying - using email, social media, texting, internet and other forms of digital technology to cause harm to others

Signs of look for if you feel someone is being bullied:

Unexplained injuries
Ripped or missing clothing or belongings
Unwilling to go to school
Few friends
The person has a feeling of helplessness
Acting out of character
Not wanting to leave the house
Unwilling to visit certain places
Not eating or changing of eating habits
Continuous doubt in themselves
Self blaming for their problems

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Testimonial from the Parent of a Bullied Child

"I just wanted to say thank you to you! Our son had a period of Sustained bullying at schools which we have managed to stop. He would defend himself against the bully but wouldn't hit back in case he hurt the bully. However he stood up to the bully. Throughout the time he never wanted to miss school. Without what you teach and the values of discipline and perseverance you show, it would have ended differently. So thank you very much. you and your team make a big difference.”



Those who engage in bullying behaviour use their popularity, strength or power to manipulate and control others. They choose targets who may be physically weaker than themselves, smaller or lack confidence. Generally the targets are people they know will have a difficult time standing up or defending themselves.

A bully does not do things by accident, the bully intentionally intends to emotionally of physically harm their target.

Incidents of bullying are no a one time thing, the bully targets the same person repeatedly.

Testimonial from a Parent who's Child grew in Confidence

"Since joining Kung Fu school my son has gained an incredible amount of self confidence. The instructors have been instrumental in increasing his confidence and self-belief whilst instilling in him that fighting is a last resort. He is now more aware of what is happening around him and is able to act accordingly. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons and with the confidence brought about through the proper instruction is now able to make a stand against those that have previously bullied him and others.”
- B.B.

Prevention Starts Now!

We can help your child rebuild their self esteem and confidence, dealing with bullying before the behaviour gets out of hand. We offer a 30 day free trial (with up to two classes a week over a four week period), please let us show you how we can help.

Solution starts with a Seven point strategy

1. Positive reinforcement for your child

2. Be a detective, listen closely to your child

3. Think of ways to help your child respond to a bully

4. Plan a bully proofing strategy and roll play with your child

5. Encourage you child to find friends (new friends)

6. Contact your child's school head teacher and teacher

7. Re-build your child's self esteem

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