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  • Adult kung-fu Classes

    It's never too late to start! Haven't done a day's training in your life? No problem!

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu

    We are a professional martial arts school with a fully structured curriculum


There is no better way of hearing about the quality of a school than hearing it from the students themselves. Sifu Alan Paterson and the Kung Fu Schools (Croydon) undertake many activities outside of the school including corporate event days, grading ceremonies for the younger students and high paced weekend classes for the more active and willing adult students.

Here are some comments from our pupils and customers.

Thank You Wholeheartedly


I am writing because I'd like to thank you Charlotte wholeheartedly for the trophy my daughter received yesterday.

Thank you for the genuine interest you show to each individual student. It makes them feel like they matter and are loved and that boosts their confidence. This effects (for the better) their learning experience and i am very grateful for that.

My daughter doesn't have much confidence in her own abilities and she gets very anxious about doing things wrong. the trophy, which she was not expecting at all, made her incredibly happy and i am thankful for what you do for her. Please pass on my thanks to the other instructors too.


- C Lepretre, Parent

Never Too Old to Start Martial Arts (Kung Fu)


At the age of 66 I was contemplating retirement. What would I do? Family, grandchildren, travel, gardening, music, etc. I considered all the usuals, but realised the portfolio did not contain any sport or physical activity. I was not a golfer, bowls could wait, and in fact my sporting activities had been negligible since the end of my academic studies, with a brief interlude of being beaten by my sons when they were about twelve in tennis, table tennis, and squash.

By chance I saw an advertisement for Kung Fu Schools on Carlton Road in South Croydon. The advert said "It’s never too late to start training”, so I telephoned asking if I was too old. "No” came the cheery reply, "come and try one of our free introductory lessons.”

Well, there was nothing to lose so with slight trepidation I arrived at the school on a Tuesday evening. This place was not a clique of super-fit experts, there was an immediate greeting from the instructors and a noded greeting or "hallo” from total strangers: large, small, young or more mature.

I was immediately introduced to a member who was asked to "look after me”. First came a warm-up session. The extremely fit instructor guided us through a routine, some strenuous but always prefaced with the advice "Only do what you can and feel comfortable with”, which ensured I was not embarrassed as some people could touch their toes while I caressed just below my knees.

Then to the Kung Fu. Well, I had no knowledge of martial arts other than years ago from watching the David Carradine TV series Kung Fu. I became very quickly absorbed and fascinated in martial arts. With very slight movements, an understanding of using the body to avoid contact and using an opponent’s strength. The time flew and by the end of the session, I left feeling slightly creaky but motivated in mind and body and spirit.

It is now a year later, and I still haven’t retired, but hope to shortly take my fifth student grade. I like how there is no pressure to take grades and the instructors tell you when you are ready to be tested, so I can progress at my own rate.

The aim is "black” by the time I’m seventy so, watch this space or ... better still why not join me?


- R D Willson, adult student, aged 67

Shy Boy Who Lacked Confidence


My son started Kung Fu Schools in February; he was very shy and lacked self-confidence.  He never liked taking part in sports at school as he always felt he wasn’t very good at anything.  After attending a school friend’s party held at Kung Fu schools he decided he wanted to try a few lessons.  I did some research and thought that the ethos of the school was something I felt my son would benefit from in building self-confidence as well as improving his fitness.

I have watched the instructors at Kung Fu school really encourage the children not only to have fun and work hard in class, but in school as well.  My son attends classes twice a week and loves going to them. 

10 months on, I have watched my son grow from a shy boy who lacked confidence, into someone whose concentration span has improved greatly;  he has become a lot more focused and self-motivated in school which has improved his school work greatly.

I was also looking for another avenue for getting fit rather than the routine guy workout.  I have always liked martial arts, however it took me a while after my son joined before I had the courage to join myself.  I felt I may have been a little intimidated by all the advanced students in the adult class who may have been a lot younger and fitter than I was.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn’t the oldest or my level of fitness didn’t matter as there was a mixed bag of ages and abilities in the classes.  The instructors are highly competent, encouraging and work well with everyone at all levels.  The classes are friendly and the uneasy feeling of being the newbie lifted within 10 minutes of attending my first class.  Months on I am attending twice a week and going for my 3rd grade.


- S Nathan (Mother and Student)

Would Not Have Achieved My Black Belt Without the Help of Fantastic Instructors!

"I have just achieved my 1st Degree (Black Belt), and I have both the brilliant instructors and my fellow students to thank for getting me to where I am. The atmosphere at the Kung Fu Schools is less like a martial arts school, and more like one big family. Even after 4-and-a-half years, I still enjoy my training. The more I learn, the better it gets. It may seem like a long time, but I only need to look back at how I was to see just how far I have progressed. In terms of personal development, improved fitness and motivation aside, I find that Wing Chun has also improved my mental alertness, as my memory has improved dramatically, and I am now less forgetful. I would highly recommend Kung Fu Schools to anyone seeking to learn a worthwhile, effective art form and hobby. Whatever your goals, the school will help you achieve it!”

- Paul, adult student

My Kung Fu Family Helped Me Achieve My 1st Degree!

"After over 3 years learning with the Kung Fu Schools, I continue to enjoy my training immensely. In my time here, I have learned a lot about the martial art of Wing Chun and about self-defence. Sifu Alan and the other instructors have been instrumental in guiding me towards my 1st Degree. It has been a long journey, but one in which I saw myself progress immensely, both in terms of the art, as well as personally. I find my discipline and self-motivation have improved, and Sifu Alan's depth of knowledge means that I feel confident that I have plenty of options in various situations I look forward to pursuing my 2nd and 3rd Degrees! ”

- Steve, adult student

The Team at Kung Fu Schools Croydon

"I stand in awe at the growing success of this school. Despite this success, I am pleased and impressed to see that the club has retained it's friendly and personal touch for individual members in a way so seldom seen in big organisations. Recently, my children have joined Kung Fu Schools Croydon and as a parent, I have observed the dedication and hard work from all the instructors, not just in the teaching of Kung Fu techniques but also in imparting discipline, responsibility and self motivation in each child as an integral part of Kung Fu Schools Martial Arts programme. Uniquely I find the School involves parents in their programmes from the acknowledgement of parents at each session to dedicated seminars on practical issues such as health and safety. I confidently feel that the School is not just a place to learn the art of Kung Fu, but more a much needed life skills School for the whole family, a unique and winning concept. I am very proud to be a member.

Thank you.”

- Mr. Moodely

Son with Self Belief

"Since joining Kung Fu school my son has gained an incredible amount of self confidence. The insructors have been instrumental in increasing his confidence and self-belief whilst instilling in him that fighting is a last resort. He is now more aware of what is happening around him and is able to act accordingly. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons and with the confidence brought about through the proper instruction is now able to make a stand against those that have previously bullied him and others.”
- B.B.

Proud Headteacher

"I have just shared Ben's achievements at Kung Fu Schools Croydon with his class and it was lovely to see how pleased he was. I am delighted by the part that Kung Fu is playing in boosting his self-esteem and self-confidence.

We are very proud of Ben too and share your hope that he will continue to persevere with Kung Fu.”

Mr. Chris Donovan, Headteacher of St. Anne's Catholic Primary School

"I found Kung Fu Schools by chance and I’m so glad I did!

Not having done Wing Chun before I was quite anxious before my first class but I shouldn’t have worried I was made to feel at ease as soon as I arrived. Not only do the instructors make you feel welcome so do the other students, I’ve met the nicest people and made some good friends.

The techniques are explained is in such a way that you easily comprehend ideas and principle behind them. The training is very clear and structured, and basic techniques can be learned and applied quickly, you will be surprised by how clever and effective Wing Chun is!

The instructors also genuinely care for the progression and development of each student, combining this with their knowledge and understanding means that they offer the very best training possible.

Since joining in August 2011 I’ve increased the number of times I train each week because I enjoy it so much and look forward to every lesson.”


"As Director and Emperor in the pantomime Aladdin at The Ashcroft Theatre Croydon 2011/12 I was over the moon when The Kung Fu School agreed to be a part of the show. It added a new dimention, and the students were an absolute joy to work with. Their committment and enthusiasm shone through and for some of them their first experience of being in a Theatre show was, I hope, an enjoyable one.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned from the School, thank you to the Instructors who continued to rehearse the students when not at the Theatre, and thank you to the student's parents for putting up with the long rehearsal hours, and thank you once again to all of the students who took part. A job well done!”

Paul Tate

"Sifu Alan,

Could you please recognise Aslak and others who did last night's Aladdin performance.

I think we can be all proud of them, and it is a great achievement being part of a big production with 'real' stars.

Thank you also on our family's behalf for giving the kids the opportunity.”
Maarit, mother

"I have found Kung Fu Schools to be a friendly place with knowledgeable instructors. There is a well structured syllabus so you are never lost or overwhelmed.

My two sons also attend and I have found their system of rewarding achievements outside of Kung Fu Schools to be helpful in motivating them. Doing Kung Fu has certainly helped their co-ordination and behaviour.”

Alan Lam

"Kung Fu Schools and Wing Chun have been fantastic for me. I am fulfilling a life-long dream to learn a martial art. It's challenging both physically and mentally. I have the pleasure of having friends in various different martial arts and/or security based jobs, and I've always found my Wing Chun to hold up very, very well in friendly sparring, even though I am not an advanced student. When I joined Kung Fu I could barely do sit-ups or push-ups and the teachers were very kind and allowed me to progress at my own rate without ever making me feel bad about it. Now I'm rather pleased with how much stronger and more flexible I am. The same is true when it comes to learning the techniques. They are patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. If you want to train hard and learn, they will be more than happy to teach you and to help you to understand. Wing Chun is a system rather than a style, which means we fight based on a number of rules and principles as opposed to impressions of animals. These rules and principles are incredibly simple and logical, but also very deep. It is a wonderful experience to learn a new principle, and grow from being completely useless at it, to mastering it and applying it without thought. I find that the rules, principles and fighting strategy of Wing Chun have also spilled over into my every day life. I am more motivated and focused than before I began training. I have recommended Wing Chun and Kung Fu Schools to my friends before, and will continue to do so.”

Paul Brown

"I have been with Kung Fu Schools Croydon since January 2008. I originally started for a hobby and as I have always been doing martial arts from a young age.

Since joining I realised how brilliant wing chun was. I enjoyed it so much it developed into a passion, and I knew I wanted to make it a bigger part of my life than just a hobby.

I joined the instructor training programme where Sifu Alan Paterson trains people to become great teachers. Since joining it I have reached my 1st degree black belt and own my own Kung Fu schools franchise. I am now living my dream of a fulfilling career in martial arts, doing something I love while helping others achieve their goals.

Kung Fu schools has changed my life for the better. I have achieved a lot thanks to the organisation.

Everyone at the school are very helpful, friendly and professional.

I am very proud to be part of such a fantastic school.”

Keith Monk, Instructor, Kung Fu Schools (Sutton)

"I started training at the Kung Fu Schools when I was 16. I was only looking for a pastime but now Wing Chun has become my life, and I wouldn't change a thing! My passing interest soon grew into a burning passion, and since joining the instructor training programme, I am now working at the School as a full-time instructor. Coming to the school has changed everything for me!”

Charlie Fox, Instructor, Kung Fu Schools (Croydon)

"It's the people that give Kung Fu Schools Croydon it's 5 star rating. That includes the expert instructors who ensure we're on the right track as well as the other students, who are always generous in giving help when needed. Everyone is also very friendly which makes it a great place to train. For about the same price as a gym membership you can keep fit, build your confidence and learn self-defence. That's a winning combination.”

Greg Orton

"My son Samuel joined the Little Dragons at Kung Fu Schools Croydon in December 2008 in an attempt to boost his confidence within groups of children. Not only has his confidence improved, but he has learnt and developed in so many ways, including self-respect, discipline and perseverance, whilst also benefiting from the regular exercise and coordination that Kung Fu offers.

Watching my son gave me the enthusiasm to give it a go myself, and it's the best decision I made in a long time! Two years later I'm having so much fun from it, I'm fitter, met loads of great people and I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of achieving my 1st Degree! My one big regret is not taking up such an opportunity when I was younger!

My daughter Caitlin joined in 2009 and loves Kung Fu whilst Matthew, my youngest, is really keen to join when he reaches 4.

Thanks to Sifu Alan and his great team for teaching my family such useful skills and also for providing release for me from day to day pressures that we have to deal with!”

Michael Garlick

"My son started Kung Fu Schools Croydon a year ago now and he has really enjoyed the classes. The instructors are always positive and give lots of encouragement. His behavior at home has improved too, he seems to have more focus and can concentrate for longer. I too have started at school, taking part in two lessons per week, and have found it to be extremely beneficial from a fitness perspective, and learning the wing-chun and improving has become highly addictive. I had in the past taken part in other martial arts, but have found that the way wing-chun is taught by the instructors at Kung Fu Schools Croydon is simple yet effective. I have found the instructors and fellow students to be very friendly, and admire the way that the instructors have been taught by the organisation. I have recently added more classes to my weekly schedule and will continue taking part as it has brought many benefits to my life as a whole.”

Sarah Hegarty

"Since starting wing-chun with Keith at Kung Fu Schools Sutton I have been pleasantly surprised with everything. As soon as I walked into my first class I felt confortable and welcome and was really helped to settle in. I was also amazed at the amount of progression I made in a short space of time. After trying my hand at other martial arts, I am happy to say that I feel I have a home and a new family in Kung Fu Schools and cannot wait to see how I will progress in the future. Wing-chun has everything you could look for in a martial art; fitness, discipline, fun, and most importantly effective and easy to learn self-defence.

I have recently joined the instructor training programme at Kung Fu Schools Croydon, under the guidance of Head Instructor Sifu Alan Paterson, where I am hoping to take my love of martial arts into a full-time career. I enjoy being part of a large Kung Fu family, and have learnt greatly for the input of my instructor Keith Monk, Sifu Alan Paterson and Master Paul Hawkes the chief instructor of the Kung Fu Schools Organisation. I would recommend Kung Fu Schools to anybody that has a passion for martial arts, children or adults.”

Marc M

"Dear Sifu Alan,

Since our son Rishie joined the Kungfu School, his self confidence has increased very much. He is an academically sound child but did not have the courage and confident to stand up in front of the big crowd and deliver himself. But now he can, a classic example of it so say that he did the Kung Fu demo at Greenvale Primary School. Rishie is always been a quiet, well behaved child. Because of his quiet and shyness, he found it little difficult to stand up for him self. Over his time at Kung Fu school, his self believe and confidence in him self has boosted up gradually. He also learnt a lot in many ways, like how to defend him self from bullies. Also he is much more mature now. Rishie did his 11+ mock test last week an year earlier than he should. He also did a solo presentation in front of his class mates and their parents on Tuesday 28th June at his school assembly. All this is to show how much self confident he has gained over the time since he began his Kung Fu.

We, parents would like to take this opportunity and to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the instructors and Sifu Alan at the Kung Fu School (Croydon).

Rishie wants to join the leadership team now and that shows how much he is enjoying at Kung Fu school.

Kind regards”

Raj & Hithay Sasitharan - Proud Parents

"I am a parent and a student of kung fu schools. My son who is 4.5 years old attends the little dragon classes and I myself am going for 3rd student grade in the adult class. I personally love the professional approach to teaching martial arts by the staff, who are dedicated to delivering a very high standard of teaching to the young and old alike. I have noticed a marked improvement in my sons behaviour since he has been coming to the kung fu schools and would recommend it to anyone interested who might want to come along and have a look for their self so to experience the friendliness in the school environment. Anyone enrolling in kung fu schools will have a lot to gain and nothing to lose! - A happy parent and student.

Mick Beaumont - Parent and Student

"I have been training in Wing Chun kung fu since September 2009. I've gained confidence in myself and look at my future in a new light. The school is great with an excellent friendly atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoy training in its brilliant training facilities. The instructors are very friendly and helpful and Sifu Alan is truly a great teacher who supports u in your training. I have studied many martial arts and this by far is the most effective. I fully recommend the school and its martial art highly. Great for discipline, good for health and good mottos to live by.”

JD - Experienced Martial Artist

Rachel - Intermediate Student

Rachel joined Kung Fu Schools and enjoys Martial arts so that she can meet new people, learn an interesting skill, improve her health and be able to defend her self better.

"My experience of Kung Fu Schools began when my son, Conor, started taking classes in September 2006. Within a short amount of time I noticed the positive effect these classes were having on his physical well being, self control and in particular his self confidence. In addition to improving the confidence of a 15 year old school boy approaching his GCSE exams these achievements also prompted me to move from spectator to student and within a month I had enrolled in my first class.

Although Conor’s achievements were evident and this positivity was reflected in his improved school work I did have some reservations as to what I could achieve as a 43 year father who had not participated in any form of sporting activity for over ten years. I was also concerned that I would not be able to keep up with the stereotypical young kung fu student with high levels of fitness and aggression! However, my fears were completely unfounded as the class is actually made up of a variety of age groups (in which I am not oldest!), levels of fitness and instructed within an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Within a short period of time I was amazed to find that my fitness levels had greatly improved, although I am not put under any pressure to keep up physically with the more fitter students and can work at my own pace. Much like Conor my self-confidence had greatly increased and this has had a positive effect on my life in general. For example, my performance at work has improved and I have found my approach to the stresses of life have become far more relaxed.

I would highly recommend Kung Fu Schools to anyone regardless of age and level of fitness and would suggest they take advantage of the two free classes!”

Robert and Conor - Students

"Dear Instructors,

I am writing this because I am very proud of my son. I have recently been affected by an illness which has caused me to become a lot less mobile and unable to do many of the things that my son and I often do together. instead of complaining as many children of his age might, he has shown compassion and understanding, even offering to give up his interests to stay and look after me. He is very dedicated to his kung fu and has the greatest respect for all his tutors and their teachings. I feel that through his actions over the last few weeks he has shown not only love for his family but equally respect and understanding for what you are teaching.”

Parent of Student

Parent of Kids Student, now member of Adult classes

Angelie has been training for over a year and is progressing through the grading system towards her target of a 1st Degree (Black Belt).

Like her, many of our students have little or no Martial Arts experience, but step up to the challenge and embrace and enjoy learning new Wing Chun skills.

"I've always wanted to learn martial arts and having tried various schools I had always lost interest within a few months...if not sooner. I've now been with Kung Fu Schools for 3 1/2 years and can't imagine ever stopping! The standard of teaching is fantastic, the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming and the facilities and training programmes are brilliant. Not only is it exciting to learn a great style of kung fu but it also really good for self discipline, confidence and knowing how to protect yourself. I can only thank everyone at kung fu schools for helping me find my passion for kung fu and would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in martial arts.”

Wesley - Student

"After training in other martial arts for many years I attended my first Wing chun class about 3 1/2 years ago & have been hooked ever since!

Kung fu schools teach Wing Chun in a practical well structured way. The classes are enjoyable & are conducted in a friendly environment.

Sifu Alan has proven to be an excellent teacher & has also been very supportive in personal matters. I've also had several private lessons with Sifu Alan which were enjoyable & very beneficial!”

Stephen - Student

"I have been bringing both my children to your school for nearly a couple of years now. I have found a marked improvement in their confidence directly as a result of your weekly training.

The classes are run in a very well structured and supportive way always encouraging to bring out the best in the children, which is very important for young children embarking on a new form of 'out of school' learning. The children have now got to know your staff and instructors and feel very comfortable being taught with such professionalism and in a fun and enjoyable way.

In addition to the gentle form of martial arts movements, I have found the concepts being taught such as self respect; self control & increased confidence, very invaluable. This is evidenced every week, when I see the look on the children's faces, as they are presented with awards, rewards and badges in recognition for producing a good piece of work, whether it was achieved at their school or in some other part of their lives. This continuous self-belief in your own abilities is second to none and is a must for children in today fast changing world.
Thank you for bringing this new style of learning to Croydon!

Mr J.C. Patel - Parent

"My 9 year old son has been attending the Kung Fu School for close to a year now and has just recently achieved his Red belt.

He has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, making his achievement so much more special, as I never would have believed this to be possible.

The reason I think that he has been able to obtain this accolade is due to the never ending hard work of Si Fu Alan and his team of fantastic staff. Their 'I can' attitude has certainly rubbed off, as my son has received his best ever school report. He has gone up two levels in his reading, his writing skills have improved, likewise his maths and his literacy. His behaviour has 'calmed down' and he can focus and concentrate for much longer periods of time now than he ever did before he started at the Kung Fu School.

We both owe a lot everyone at the school and can not thank them enough for all the effort they put in, especially for the children who need a bit more help.

We are looking forward to continuing with his training and know that he too can achieve black belt excellent with the ongoing support of Si Fu Alan and his team.

Many thanks to you all.”

Ms Johnston - Parent

"I have been attending the Kung fu school since may 2008 and I must admit that there has not been a day I have not enjoyed it! The teachers ensure the highest standard of training is delivered at all the time enabling the student to gain expertise and self confidence. They focus on delivering their knowledge in the most accurate way maintaining a strong sense of humour and patiently accommodating each individual's needs. I specifically recall a situation when I was emotionally very low and "Sifu", the head instructor, so sweetly and respectfully addressed by his students, did not delay in noticing my need for reassurance and support: that meant a lot to me, I felt that this was not only a school but it was becoming a way of life.

The focus of the teaching is based most of all, apart from the technical aspect of the martial arts and the application in real life situation, on the importance of value such as respect and determination. It enables the student to become a lot stronger and to develop a certain level of sensitivity and logic which can be applied in both art and life.

The school offers a wide variety of programmes according to the student requirements and aims.... from a single class a week to a most intensive training programme, which may include 'one to one' lessons, where each individual can, according to his own wish, achieve a very high level of understanding of the art till becoming an instructor.

I personally have got a very clear vision about what I wish to achieve and I have all the confidence in the world that Sifu will take me there, accompanying me through my high's and low's providing all the necessary technical support and encouragement. Wing Chun is a beautiful discipline and great fun, a way to strengthen the self meeting lots wonderful people. Kung fu school has now become my second home! I could not recommend it highly enough.”

Michela - Student

"Total Care Security has used the services of Head Instructor Alan Paterson for over two years. We have always found Mr. Paterson to be approachable, professional and attentive to all the students we have sent to him.

Total Care Security have utilised the skills of Mr. Paterson during our induction training where we have bought Kung-Fu into our communication and conflict management training. We have always found the techniques taught by Mr. Paterson to be extremely efficient but most of all simple to learn.

Total Care Security would have no hesitation in recommending to any company or individual alike. On a personal note Mr. Paterson has had my son at his school for over two years where he has achieved his Little Dragons Black Belt, and much to my surprise Mr. Paterson has managed to keep his attention by making no two classes the same, my son is now working towards his Black Belt in the juniors also.”

Chris Wheeler - Director of Total Care Security

Students & Their Parents

"Sifu Alan and team thank you for helping me stay calm at school


Mr Dickenson - Parent of a Juniors Student

"I began training in Wing Chun to improve my coordination, increase my fitness levels and to just try something different. In addition to these benefits I've become more assertive and better at handling confrontational situations.

I was not particularly fit and had no experience in Martial Arts but this was no barrier as the classes are friendly and the Instructors patient, recognizing that everybody learns at a different rate. Within a few months I noticed that my concentration and focus improved which had a positive effect outside of the Kung Fu class.”

Roger Norton, 12th SG

"I first joined Kung Fu Schools in 2006. I found out about the school on my commute to and from work as the train passes the school.

I looked up the website and found it full of very useful information, then I decided to drive down to the school and have a look around. I wanted to get involved in martial arts to help boost my confidence, co-ordination, and my self-esteem as well as relaxation.

Sifu Alan Paterson (head instructor) greeted me warmly and friendly, the he gave me a tour of the school and found out what I was looking for in a martial arts programme!! He then booked me in for my 1st free class.

On my 1st free class I found the instructors and students all very friendly and inviting. I joined the school after my 4 free classes; now I am at my 12th student grade and currently working hard towards getting my 1st degree (black belt) and I am still enjoying my experience in learning new skills, co-ordination and new ways of thinking plus I have made lots of new friends.

I really enjoy my time here and cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who wishes to start a martial art to come to Kung Fu Schools and learn Wing Chun.”

Andrew - Student

"As a student of Kung Fu Schools I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Sifu Alan and the other instructors and staff are not only helpful and friendly but also very down to earth and make the serious business of learning Kung Fu a lot of fun!

The facilities are great with a large studio, training room, and lockers - everything you would expect from a professional sports school. It is not like other places which have a makeshift venue such as a village or school hall.

But for me the thing it offers that very few other martial arts school do is flexibility. As it is a full-time school it provides a number of classes throughout the week, which helps me because as I work shifts I cannot always make the same class every week.

And whether you want to do just one day a week or if you want to be black belt in two years, Kung Fu Schools is able to cater to your needs all at a reasonable price.

Other extras offered include intensive classes at the weekends, seminars, guest speakers such as Wing Chun grand masters, training camps and private lessons, to name but a few.

I have been a student for less than a year and I have already begun to feel the benefits of Wing Chun. I feel stronger and more flexible but also more confident - and with those of us with hectic lives it is also a great stress-buster!”

Chirag Trivedi

"My 7 year old son has been attending the Kung Fu School for 2 years now and has recently passed his blackbelt.

Since attending his concentration, behaviour and focus has improved a great deal at home and school. I would like to thank all concerned for their continued dedication and support.”

Mrs Sharkie - Croydon

"I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Kung Fu Schools (Croydon) for there continued support and dedication in teaching my son who suffers from Verbal Dyspraxia which effects speech and co-ordination. Our son who has been attending the school for almost a year has grown in confidence and his co-ordination has improved beyond our wildest dreams. Even his teachers have noted these remarkable changes. I attribute this to Alan Paterson and staff who have shown tremendous patience and consideration and would highly recommend this Martial Art School to others who could benefit from such expertise.”

Mrs Adams - Warlingham

"Having attended her Black Belt Training Course for the last 9 months, I have found that my daughter's behaviour has calmed down and she has become more focussed on her schoolwork. Her concentration levels have increased and she is much more self controlled and disciplined in her other activities, plus she loves her WingChun”

Mother of a student on the Black Belt training Course

"My 10-year-old son joined the Croydon WingChun School in February. He suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Basically this means that he is very impulsive, hyperactive and has problems concentration on anything for any length of time.

I am very impressed by how the Wing Chun School encourage the students to relay the positive mental attitude that they learn for the martial arts to their schoolwork.

I have just received my sons best ever school report. In it are all the key attributes that the Wing Chun School teach the students to assist them on their journey to black belt excellence and also on their journey in life. They include respect, self-discipline, humility, perseverance, and concentration to name but a few.

WingChun has helped my son to be more positive in both his work and behaviour at school. This has led to praise from his teachers, which in turn has raised his self-confidence and enabled him to stand just that little bit taller.”

Parent of a student on the Black Belt training Course

Pfizer Limited - Team Building Event

"A very energetic and fun packed morning that delivered useful contact self defence in a pragmatic manner”

Dr Zubair Hussain, Head of UK and Ireland Regulatory Affairs, Pfizer Limited

"I found it fun as promised, and a surprise as promised. It was different to the types of event we've generally had and it certainly took my mind off work for a while.”

Staff member, Pfizer Limited

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