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Wing Chun Kung Fu

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To book your 30 day free trial with up to two classes a week to use over the four week period

You're never too young or too old to start!

At Kung Fu Schools we pride ourselves on exceptional friendly and welcoming martial arts schools.

Here are some of the many reasons people enjoy being a part of our Kung Fu Schools family:

 - Beginner classes at a pace that suits you

 - Beginners always have their own instructor

 - Learn the most relevant techniques for you with the curriculum which is structured to your ability

 - Tips and guidance on your training and progression

 - A warm, friendly, safe environment to train in

 - Meet people of all walks of life who help and encourage each other

 - 3'500 square feet of training space

 - Free parking

 - Practical and realistic Self-Defence

 - Daytime and evening classes available

 - Free Mandarin classes for adult students


I have been attending classes at Kung Fu Schools Croydon for almost 2 years and can honestly say that on the day of my class after a long day at work I look forward to unwinding in an environment that is friendly and relaxing, whilst learning a valuable skill that can also help your fitness, concentration and confidence.

I have felt welcomed and appreciated by the team of instructors, and Head Instructor Sifu Alan Paterson. There is a great ratio of instructors to students as well as fantastic facilities. At the end of each class I look forward to me next!
S. Bew

Just come along and see for yourself how fun and rewarding training at Kung Fu Schools is

020 8916 2102

At Kung Fu Schools we are here for everyone and have a comprehensive adult timetable with fully structured beginners, intermediate and advanced classes in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Here are some more of the many benefits you will find doing Wing Chun:

 - Better coordination and balance, greater self-esteem and wellbeing

 - More energy, feel healthier and feel less stressed

 - Enhance your flexibility and concentration

 - Achieve better co-ordination and fitness

 - Relieve stress and feel more relaxed

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Whatever cards life deals you, situations you have no control over, you can always train and do something positive for yourself.

We have been teaching in Croydon for nearly 18 years and offer a fantastic full time, well equipped location to support our students needs with their training.

I began training in Wing Chun to improve my coordination, increase my fitness levels and to just try something different. In addition to these benefits I've become more assertive and better at handling confrontational situations.

I was not particularly fit and had no experience in Martial Arts but this was no barrier as the classes are friendly and the instructors patient, recognising that everybody learns at a different rate. Within a few months I noticed that my concentration and focus iimporved which had a positive effect outside of the Kung Fu Class

R. Norton

Enroll in you 30 Day Free Trial
With up to two classes a week to use over the four week period

020 8916 2102

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