Children's Wing Chun Kung Fu Class Times

Tiger Room Class Times

Kung Fu Schools, Wing Chun, Childrens Martial Arts

Little Dragon Classes - For Children aged between 4 years and 7 years old

Little Dragon Beginners - No Belt to Yellow BeltLittle Dragons, Kung Fu Schools, kids classes
Monday: 4:30pm until 5:00pm
Tuesday: 4:00pm until 4:30pm
Wednesday: 4:30pm until 5:00pm
Thursday: 4:00pm until 4:30pm
Friday: 4:30pm until 5:00pm
Saturday AM: 11:15am until 11:45am
Saturday PM: 12:30pm until 1:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am until 10:30am

Little Dragon Intermediates - Orange Belt to Purple Belt
Tuesday: 4:30pm until 5:00pm
Thursday: 4:30pm until 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am until 9:30am
Sunday: 12:15pm until 12:45pm

Junior Classes - For children aged between 7 years and 13 year old

Junior Beginners - No Belt to Red/Yellow BeltJuniors, Kung Fu Schools, Kids Martial Arts
Monday: 6:15pm until 6:45pm
Tuesday: 5:45pm until 6:15pm
Wednesday: 6:15pm until 6:45pm
Thursday: 5:45pm until 6:45pm
Friday: 6:15pm until 6:45pm
Saturday: 9:30am until 10:00am
Saturday: 10:00am until 10:30am
Sunday: 11:45am until 12:15pm

Black Belt Training Course (Intermediates) - Red Belt to Black Belt Upwards
Monday: 5:30pm until 6:15pm
Tuesday 1st: 5:00pm until 5:45pm
Tuesday 2nd: 6.15pm until 7:00pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm until 6:15pm
Thursday 1st: 5:00pm until 5:45pm
Thursday 2nd: 6:15pm until 7:00pm
Friday: 5:15pm until 6:00pm
Saturday AM: 10:30am until 11:15am
Saturday PM: 11:45am until 12:30pm
Sunday: 10:40am until 11:25am