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  • Wing Chun Kung Fu

    We are a professional martial arts school with a fully structured curriculum

Video Gallery

The pictures and videos contained on this site are the property of Alan Paterson and must not be reproduced.

2018 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Dog
A fantastic way to welcome in the Year of the Dog at the Whitgift Centre in Croydon on Sunday 18th February. The shows had performances from students of Kung Fu Schools Croydon and the Confucius Institute TCM London South Bank University.

2016 So Far

We have had a very busy, exciting year so far and this is the video of some of our highlights!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 Out of the Shadows
Kung Fu Schools Croydon students were asked to perform for the special guests at the previews for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Out of the Shadows at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, London.

The Year of the Monkey
To celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016, the Year of the Monkey, on Sunday 7th February students of Kung Fu Schools Croydon performed on stage in front of hundreds at the Whitgift centrein Croydon. The students did a fantastic demonstration with nunchucks, also performing on the day with Dragon Dance, traditional Chinese Folk Dances and Songs, Martial Arts demonstrations and much more. It was a fantastic day and Kung Fu Schools Croydon are extremely proud to have their students on stage with such a fantastic performance.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - The Year of the Goat

The Chinese New Year got off to a fantastic start with the celebrations in the Whitgift Centre. Student of Kung Fu Schools Croydon and Performers from the Chinese Confucius Institute for TCM at the South Bank University entertained the crowds with tradition Chinese dances, folk songs, martial arts, weapons demonstrations. The students of Kung Fu Schools Croydon performed a tradition Chinese Fan Dance and a fantastic Kung Fu display, we are extremely proud of them!


Chinese New Year Celebrations - The Year of the Snake

Students of Kung Fu Schools Croydon, performers from the London Confucius Institute with the Mayor and Mayoress of Croydon for the Year of the Snake Celebrations. The students trained their Martial Art skills extremely hard putting in lots of extra hours for the Kung Fu displays, we are very proud of them and the amazing effort they showed.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - 2012

Compilation from KFS students on Blue Peter

Here's a compilation of Jack Black and Kung Fu Schools students on Blue Peter.

Confucious Institute at Kung Fu Schools Croydon

To Celebrate Chinese Well Being week, the Confucious institude visited Kung Fu Schools Croydon. We had a great afternoon with the Mayor of Sutton as well as the team from the Confucious institute, who introduced to the Kids to some new activities and provided a Lion Dance and Wu Shu display. We would like to give a big thank you from all the team and kids to The Confucious Institute and everyone who performed on that day.

Warding off Evil Spirits Lion Dance

Confucius Institute visits Kung Fu Schools Croydon

The Confucius Institute (based at London's South Bank University) visited on Saturday 20th February.

Kung Fu Schools were very honoured to have some very special guests, as performers from north east China gave two packed out performances in front of parents and children, with demonstrations of lion dancing, weapons and Wushu kung fu. There were also dancers from the Chinese opera and they performed the fire dance, the paper cutting dance and the tai chi fan dance.

The performers have done demonstrations in front of a hundred thousand people up and down the UK this year on behalf of the Confucius institute. They were also at Trafalgar square on Sunday 14th February to celebrate the Chinese new year, which was attended by the mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Kung Fu Schools in the News

Kung Fu Schools Croydon was visited by Matthew Morris from BBC London news. Sifu Alan was asked to contribute to a news story on the subject of teaching Martial Art skills responsibly. As a leading Martial Arts centre our classes help develop and reinforce the ABC's of life - Attitude, Behaviour and Character - and we would never condone the irresponsible use Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Sifu Alan Patterson interviewed by Gary Payne

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